Today was the 3rd day at my new job. I’m still in training, so I’m not seeing what my job will be like yet. In fact, I get to dress all fancy and sit in a nice cushy leather chair all day. It’s rather nice actually.

This first week of training is designed to prepare me for my 9 weeks of field training so I won’t be a complete fool when I get to a school. Most of the sessions have been informative and basic. Some of it has begun to instill into me the passion many of the folks there have for the kids in the schools. But some of it has been either daunting or even downright frightening. There were a few moments that I wondered, “Did I do the right thing?”

My devotion on the first day of work fascinated me. It was in Numbers chapter 10. What is significant is that this is the chapter where Israel finally leaves Mount Sinai and begins their journey to the Promised Land. The Lord really used that passage to remind me there are new beginnings in life that lead to me to places I’ve never been before. While the path might look or even be scary at times, His promise of leading me through it all is sure. Which brings me to my devotion today. In Chapter 11, one of my favorite chapters in the entire Bible, the people complain about eating manna all the time (among other things). Moses’ reaction is thought provoking.

“I can’t do it.”

Woah. Didn’t you just part the Red Sea Moses?

Not only does Moses say he can’t do it, but he complains to God and blames Him for putting him in a situation where he cannot succeed. When the Lord tells Moses to inform the people that he’s going to provide meat for them, Moses says in v21-22, “Um…where am I gonna get enough meat for all these people?” God says in v23, “Is the Lord’s hand waxed short? You shall see now whether my word shall come to pass unto you or not.”

I wasn’t pining about my inability to do this new job. But sometimes I wondered if I’d gotten in over my head. I’m so thankful the Lord sends me places I’ve never been before. If nothing else, it teaches me how absolutely incapable I am, but how completely capable He is.

Have you thanked the Lord for taking you to places you’ve never been before? Or are you kicking and screaming the whole way? Or are you running away like Jonah? Maybe take some time to read Numbers 11. I guarantee there is something there for you 🙂