Everyday I am forced to climb four flights of stairs to drop a deposit bag in a safe. I suppose I should make a blog post entitled “Thankful for Daily Exercise”, but I’m still working on the thankful part. Can you tell?

As I descended these four flights of stairs, a student walked past me and said, “Ever since you’ve come here the food tastes so much better.”

Being a Macho Man (the male equivalent of Lunch Lady), there’s nothing I’d rather hear from the students I serve each day. And while I wasn’t having a bad day, her little one word sentence made my day. It was like an uplifting drive-by with only one bullet that pierced right to my heart.

Now, I serve over fifteen hundred students a day. There are over two thousand that attend my school. I don’t even know her name. But she had an impact on me that made my life different today because of what she said.

Which brings me to something I’ve been thinking over today. This morning I prayed, “God I want to please your heart, not break your heart.” I followed that with the thought, “Can I really break God’s heart?” God is God right? I certainly can”t change Him. As I debated this thought, God sent one of His little encouragements to me from His Word.

“Jesus wept.”

We all know Jesus didn’t weep because Lazarus died. He wept over the pain and heartache we experience because sin brought death into the world. He wept over our unbelief and stubborn heart. And He still does.

God’s Word is full of little encouragements. I’m so thankful for the people he has sent my way over the years to encourage me. I’m so thankful for the encouragement His Word brings me when I’m hurting, frustrated, confused, or afraid. I’m so thankful for that student who took the time to tell me I was doing a good job.

Have you thanked God for the encouragement found in His Word today? Have you thanked Him for all the people He’s put in your life that encourage you?

After you do that, go encourage someone else. Tell them you were thinking about them or praying for them. Share a verse with them. Thank them for something. Tell them what they mean to you. Tell somebody something! Because you’ll never know how one sentence might impact another person’s day.