It’s been a while since I gave an update on my writing. That’s not because I haven’t been writing. In fact, during November, I started my second novel. It’s called Mander’s Scar. The story is about a vigilante (Mander) with the ability to teleport over large distances. The problem? When the most powerful man in the world asks him to assassinate a rival, Mander refuses and becomes a target himself. Cool, eh? I’m about 15,000 words in and the feedback has been outstanding so far.

I haven’t forgotten about Soul Yearning either. I’ve been restructuring the storyline and Albione’s character arc a bit. When I started Soul Yearning 10 years ago, I was just writing a story. I never thought I’d have to sell the idea to someone. When I finally made my first pitch to an agent, I wasn’t expecting much. After being rejected, I realized that while the story made sense to me, there were character development issues as well as story structure issues. Because of those issues, I had a hard time developing a cool sounding pitch. So, for the last 4 months, I’ve been working on Albione. What does he want most in life? Why does he want that? What made him want that most?

What I realized is that Albione was a much deeper character than I thought he was. And it caused me to treat him and his arc throughout the story differently. Enter re-writes lol. I’m finally satisfied with where I’m taking him and the external events that bring him there. So, you should see that “edit” bar moving again soon. I’m putting on the finishing touches for my Genesis entry this year and am excited to see the results in a few months.

As for Mander, hindsight is 20/20.  I started off asking all those questions before I started writing. Which may be why the feedback has been so good 🙂

So, I guess I’ll pose a question to anyone who’s reading this. Who’s your favorite character (book or movie) and why?