Prayer is powerful.

Some of you know I participated again in Clash of the Titles last week. You can read my interview here. I didn’t win, but I only felt a little disappointment. See, I was up against Nancy Kimball, one of my critique partners. So, win or lose, it was a win for me. At the same time the clash was going on, I was in Lake Yale attending the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference. On Friday, I learned I lost the clash. Then, I met with an agent who pretty much said there would never be a market for my book.

Now, God doesn’t need a market of course. And while I want to be published, my goal is to please God by writing the best books I can for His glory. Needless to say, late Friday night my emotions were pummeling me about the uphill climb I faced as a writer. I was holding up good, but there was definitely a battle going on inside my heart.

Enter the book of Joshua. When I woke Saturday morning, I opened my Bible to spend time with the Lord. Two things caught my eye. First, the Lord told Joshua, “This day will I begin to magnify you in the sight of all Israel, that they may know that, as I was with Moses, I will be with you.” Then, the Lord parted the Jordan river (just like the Red Sea) for Israel to enter the promised land.

After reading that, I prayed a simple prayer. “Lord, I know I’m facing Jericho right now. But I know you’re bigger than Jericho. I don’t deserve anything, but would you magnify me in the sight of the people somehow? Would you knock down some walls for me? Either way, I’ll write my best for you until you take me home.”

I had an appointment with an editor that morning from a small press. She asked for my manuscript. No promises there of course. But it was farther than I’d ever gotten before in a meeting. Answer to prayer right?


Beyond my wildest imagination, when awards were given out on Saturday night, the MC called my name for Novel of the Year. Talk about knocking down Jericho! That wasn’t even on my radar of hopes and dreams for that weekend.

So, now I’m an award winning writer. Thank you Jesus 🙂

I’m so thankful for Jericho moments, where God does something I don’t deserve to show just how powerful and unstoppable He is. I’m so thankful that God answers prayer, even when it seems like he won’t (or can’t). I’m so thankful that God has blessed me far more than I could ever begin to deserve.

Have you thanked the Lord for an answered prayer today? Are you spending time seeking His face? You have not because you ask not!