I realize the internet stretches beyond my locale, but I encouraged our congregation to worship the Lord together tomorrow morning even though it’s not safe for us to physically meet at church. My hope is that this will bless anyone who might miss church tomorrow due to the hurricanes.

Hi everyone!

We can’t worship the Lord together physically, but we can do so in spirit. So, I propose that we can sing to the Lord and study His Word together at 10am in our homes. I’ve put together an order of worship and Bible study below. God bless you and stay safe!

Opening Worship:

Bless the Lord (10,000 Reasons)

Lord I Need You

One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)

How Great is Our God

Bible Study:

Read Revelation 21:1

– No more sea means no more hurricanes! Amen!

– While that IS a benefit, Revelation 21:2-8 explains what else eternity will be like

This morning, read through those verses, and discuss the following together with your family (or think on them if you’re by yourself). It might be a good idea to take some notes as there’s lots of practical application in this study.

  1. Based onRevelation 21:4, what other things will be gone in eternity?
  1. How can the promises of21:4help you to live rightly for God during difficult times now?
  1. How does God describe Himself and His Word in21:5-6? In light of those things, how is God bigger than Hurricane Irma (or any other giant you might be facing right now?
  1. ReadPhilippians 4:19and 1 Timothy 6:17. God promises to supply all our needs through His riches in glory, but He also tells us not to trust in uncertain riches. Uncertain riches includes our possessions.
  1. Read1 John 5:4-5. Based on these verses, who is an overcome?
  1. In light ofRevelation 21:7, what two promises does make to us? How can we find hope, comfort, and peace if we experience loss now?
  1. Spend some time praying for safety and recovery for people of Texas, Florida, the Caribbean

Closing Song: Great Are You Lord