“Unto Timothy, my own son in the faith…” – 1st Timothy 2:2.

Sometimes, when it’s completely quiet, and I’m alone with my thoughts, I get a panoramic vision of my life.

That usually evokes a question.

God…you’ve been amazingly good to me. Why?

The answer is simple. He loves me. He’s good. It’s who He is.

But one of the reasons I feel like my life has been a fairy tale is because of all the mentors I’ve had.


I had loving and supportive parents who spurred me to be all God wanted me to be, even when those steps of faith probably made them worry about me.

I’ve had amazing Pastor’s who taught the scriptures faithfully week after week and then told me the truth one on one. Even when it was hard to hear.

I have an awesome wife who speaks into my life in areas no one else ever could. Things I’m too caught up in my own complexities to address on my own.

I’ve always had older brothers and sisters in the faith who’ve encouraged me when I’m down, challenged me when I was wimping out, or simply obeyed God when they had no clue what I was going through.

“I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” – Psalm 122.1.

I’m so thankful I’ve been a “son in the faith” to many good people. I’ve so glad for the influences that shaped me to be the man I am today. I’m grateful that God has sent folks to pour into me.

I realize everyone hasn’t had my experiences. But God doesn’t leave any of us alone. Maybe take some time today to thank the Lord for the influences He’s brought into your life. Or maybe take some time to repent because you’ve shut out the people God sent. Maybe you just need to get back to church so you can be poured into again. Whatever your case may be, all are good reasons to spend some time with the Lord right now 🙂