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Genesis entry submitted!

Well, I’ve been silent the last few weeks. Most of that has been because I’ve been cramming for the Genesis contest. One of my goals for this year was to have the first 15 pages of my book completely polished for this contest. Well, after many late nights and endless examination, I finally felt ready to submit it today, two days before it was due. There’s so much more to be done, but I’m thankful the Lord helped me to meet this goal. I wouldn’t have reached my goal without my bride and all my critique partners. Without Beverly’s patience, advice, and ear to bounce things off of, I wouldn’t have done it. Thanks to everyone who helped! Whether I become a finalist or not, I feel confident that what I submitted was my best work up to this point.

Now, on to editing the next 130,000 words….

Article about Soul Yearning

For those interested, an article was posted about my book, Soul Yearning. You can find the link here.

It’s in reference to my runner-up performance on Clash a couple of months back. Supposedly this article is going to appear on a few other websites in the coming months as well. Exciting times!

Chapter One edit done!

A few days ago I finished my chapter one edit. This is important because my first 15 pages will be entered into the 2011 Genesis Contest in a few months. The Genesis contest is for unpublished authors and is run by the American Christian Fiction Writers organization. Since I took up my writing seriously last year, it’s been my goal to enter the contest as it’s the place most up and coming authors get recognized as such. Even if you don’t win, you get very detailed comments back from the judges who are often published authors or editors in your genre.

I sent my first chapter off to my editor (Beverly) two days ago. Once I read her comments, then I’ll make some changes and ship it off to my critique groups for their input. My hope is that afterwards, any kinks will be worked out and it’ll be ready for submission. Yay!

I didn’t win, but…

This entire contest is a win for me because I never dreamed I would be selected as a participant. Congratulations to Cathy Bryant for winning the clash! I put up a good fight, but when I read Cathy’s submission, I knew it would be tough. She made you feel like you were there. So, even though romance is not my cup of tea, I think you’d enjoy her book if you do :). The last part of the interview is up there now. Feel free to comment or ask questions at Thanks to everyone who took a look! If you want to know more about Soul Yearning, I’ll be posting periodic updates from time to time here.

Interview questions are up at CoTT

You won’t find out who won until Friday, but if you’d like to find out more about me and my book, Soul Yearning, you can go to and read the first set of interview questions. Yes….this is a shameless plug.

Clash of the Titles

In addition to putting encouraging posts about how we can be thankful as Christians, I will be posting updates on the progress of my novel from time to time or even about writing in general. If you want to ignore those, then just bypass any post that has the title “writing” on it.

I recently finished the first draft of my novel, Soul Yearning, and decided to enter a 500 word excerpt of it into a contest. I had no expectation of being selected and was shocked when I got an email saying mine had been one of the two chosen.

Clash of the Titles is a website that seeks to unite readers with authors through competition. Each week, they have one or two contests, in which authors submit a portion of their writing. The staff member selects the two best submissions and then posts them during the appropriate week. Without knowing the author or book title, readers vote on their favorite/best one for two days. Then, they reveal the two authors and their books and for two days you can learn more about them via comments and interviews. On Friday, the winner is unveiled.

This week’s contest is for unpublished authors (me!) and the excerpt had to be an action scene. I got the email about the contest the night the submissions were due. Thankfully, there are a lot of action scenes in my novel, so I found one and submitted it. Mine was selected and the Clash is this week.  I wasn’t allowed to reveal it to anyone (I had to pinky swear) or you’d have known about it earlier. This was to keep the vote from being a popularity contest. The vote is done now and they’ve revealed the authors. If you go to you’ll find my excerpt as well as a little about me and my book. Come back on Thursday and there will be more information and on Friday you can see if I won the contest!